Mr. Pavel Turkov, Ural Locomotives’ CNC Machine Setup Man, came third in Glory to the Working Man professional skill contest.

Competing for top places in the contest held at the Kalinin Machine-Building Plant’s Training Facility were the winners of regional Glory to the Working Man skill contests from Kurgan, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, and Chelyabinsk oblasts.

The competition tested both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The contest’s theoretical component included passing knowledge tests on steel grades, metal-working machinery, and NC programming. As part of the contest’s practical component, each contender was reading technical drawings of a bushing and writing a CNC program. Based on the results of the programming the experts selected the three finalists who continued to compete for first place by manufacturing the component on a CNC machine.

Mr. Turkov has been employed with Ural Locomotives since 2010. His first job was as a machine operator but after having completed industrial training and having gained working skills he continued as a CNC Machine Setup Man.

Ural Locomotives’ Head of HR Department Mr. Andrei Pryakhin says this is a very significant achievement for the entire company. “There is currently a targeted staff training program in place at our company. NC machine operators and setup men are the most in-demand specialists in our industry. It is worthy of note that Mr. Turkov joined our company in its early years. As our company was developing its production and technology he has achieved a high level of professional skills: In October 2014 he was named the Best CNC Machine Setup Man in Sverdlovsk Oblast and was an invited expert at WorldSkillsRussia professional skill contest in November 2014. We support our employees’ strive to improve their professional skills and we are justifiably proud of their achievements.”