Our Mission

Revamping the railway fleet through increased range of railway equipment and components while meeting all requirements of our customer.

Our Strategic Goals (Our Vision of the Future)

Achieving leadership in hi-tech railway equipment and components in Russia and CIS countries while meeting the customer’s and all other interested parties’ needs.

Our Main Objectives in Quality

Continuous improvement through successful implementation of an IRIS-compliant management system to ensure the production of high-quality railway equipment and components which meet the needs of the customer and comply with national and international quality standards and statutory requirements.

The company management has defined the following areas in order to meet the objectives:

• We continuously cooperate with our customers in order to guarantee satisfaction;

• We maintain mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our customers;

• We continuously improve our scientific and technological research activities which aim to create innovative new technologies;

• Lean manufacturing;

• Continuous improvement within the quality management system and meeting the needs of all interested parties;

• Our staff is encouraged to be involved in continual improvement;

• We motivate our employees to improve production efficiency;

• We provide skill improvement opportunities for our staff in order to improve the quality of our products;

• We implement a Process Approach aiming to ensure occupational safety and health and to prevent employee injuries of any kind;

• The Process Approach helps us manage and reduce the environmental impact;

• In process inspection we also implement the Process Approach aimed at preventing the risks associated with the safety of our products and guaranteeing their safety throughout the life cycle;

• We introduce and utilize the modern information systems.

Implementing the Quality Policy and ensuring that necessary conditions are in place for creative and efficient work and for continuously improved production are among the company management’s priorities.