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Scope of Application

“Lastochka’ electric multiple unit train with asynchronous traction motors is designed for commuter and regional passenger service on 1520 track gauge railways.

Flexible interior arrangement allows adapting the train to various operation requirements and specifications:

  • The urban express train ES2G ‘Standard’ is designed for passenger service on special routes with high traffic flow and a length of shuttle route of 60 km.
  • The train ES2G ‘Premium’ provides enhanced passenger comfort in suburban zones with a length of shuttle route of 200 km.
  • The dual-voltage train EMis an express train for intercity passenger service on shuttle routes of 700 km.

Technical specifications of train variants


ES2G “Standard”

ES2G “Premium”

Design speed, km/h 160 160 160
Voltage Systems 3 kV DC

3 kV DC

3 kV DC/25 kV AC

50 Hz

Route length, km 60 200 700
Basic train configuration (cars) 5 5 10
Traction power rating on the wheel, kW 2932 2932 5865
Tractive effort, kN 280 280 560
Maximum slope gradient in the longitudinal direction, ‰ 30 30 30
Axle load, kN 200 200 200
1100, 1300 200, 1100 и 1300 200, 1100 и 1300
Vehicle length, m 130 130 255
Width, mm 3480 3480 3480
Passenger capacity of the train


Standing places

Folding seats

Places for wheelchairs













Operating temperature range, °С - 40 °С to +40°С - 40 °С to +40°С - 40 °С to +40°С
Service life time, years 40 40 40

Advantages of the ‘Lastochka’ EMU Train

Profitable Operation

Several innovative technical solutions lead to a reduced energy consumption:

light-weight car body, train control system, automatic train operation system and regenerative braking. The improved train concept with high maintainability saves repair costs and mainenance time.

Protection and Safety

The design of ‘Lastochka’ train meets the latest ergonomics standards and safety requirements.

Car body shell from extruded aluminum profiles along with air suspension provide a smooth ride and high comfort at any speed, while energy absorbing elements protect passengers and staff in unlikely emergency cases.

The fire protection system complies with the latest safety regulations.

Video monitoring further improves passenger safety.

Variable Passenger Compartment with Climate Control

The contemporary-design of the passenger compartments provides enough space for passengers travelling with oversized luggage and for wheelchair users. Thermally insulated panorama windows and a powerful and reliable air conditioning system keep a comfortable microclimate.