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Ural Locomotives employs a team of professionals in design and manufacture of rolling stock for Russian railways.

Over the decade since the start of locomotive manufacturing in the Urals the company has built over 500 electric locomotives and set up the production of advanced high-speed electric trains.

Thanks to innovative solutions we compete on an equal footing with our European competitors in the Russian market. We go the extra mile designing the advanced technology solutions – the powerful and fast electric locomotives and comfortable high-speed trains.



Our team has over 3,600 employees. We are looking for talented people to help us solve complex and challenging tasks.

Ural Locomotives is the place to work for those

- who pursue professional development and strive to achieve excellent results;

- who perform their work honestly and responsibly;

- who are collaborative, result-, and team-oriented.

Working conditions

We offer:

- fair wage,

- well-equipped workplaces,

- extensive opportunities to advance your career through our Coaching, Guidance and Supervision Program, individual employee development plans, and through participation in various projects, internal training courses and positive tip-sharing;

- fine food at onsite canteens,

- free access to the on-site Workout & Fitness Room,

- company bus to work,

- exciting social and cultural activities, and a lot more.



The staff recruitment and selection procedure is as follows:

1. Tell us you want to join our team:

- please select the position you are most interested in via the Current Job Openings section and send us your résumé or – in case you don’t have one – complete a job application form;

- If our current openings do not include jobs you are interested in at this time, you may send us your résumé at You will most certainly be invited for an interview once the position you are interested in is open for recruitment.


2. In case your qualifications match one of our current openings, our recruitment specialists will invite you to attend a job interview with your prospective immediate boss(es) and to complete a test.



Still have questions? Please refer to the FAQ section where we have tried to give answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. 

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