Class 2ES6 SINARA Electric Freight Locomotive « Уральские локомотивы
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Scope of Application

  • The 2ES6 dual-section freight DC locomotive can haul 8,000 t. trains on gradients of up to 6 0/00 and 5,000 t. trains on gradients of up to 10 0/00.

Class 2ES6 Locomotive. Technical Specifications

Type Freight
Voltage DC
 Traction Motor Suspension TypePantograph Rated Voltage? kV  Nose-suspended3
Track Gauge, mm 1520
Axle Arrangement 2 (Bo`-Bo`)
Design Speed, km/h 120
Axle load, kN 245
Max. Length Over Couplers, mm 34000
One-hour Shaft Power, kW 6440
One-hour Tractive Effort, kN 464
Continuous Shaft power, kW 6000
Continuous Tractive Effort, kN 418
New Wheel Tread Diameter, mm 1250
Regenerative Braking Shaft Power, kW 6600
Braking Power. Electric Dynamic Brake, kWService Life, years 550040

Advantages of Class 2ES6 Locomotive

    • MPSUiD microprocessor-based control system with automated train driving, remote locomotive control capability, diagnostics and data transmission via radio, with data recording, and GPS/GLONASS tracking.
    • The design provides the possibility to couple locomotives for multiple-unit operation, as well as to use one section of the locomotive in a stand-alone mode.
    • The first successful use of DC electric motors with independent excitation for improved tractive effort 
    • Advanced BLOC safety system ensuring the safest driving.
    • Multiple-unit/single-section operation.
    • Improved working conditions for locomotive crew.
    • Higher operating speed for higher traffic throughput without any investment into infrastructure.
    • Average daily performance increased by 25-45 % thanks to higher tonnage rating*.
    • Energy consumption reduced by 10-15 %*
    • Repair hours reduced by 15 %*
    • Maintenance intervals increased by half*

    *compared to the outgoing electric locomotives