Social Priorities

Active social and sports life of our staff is one of our priorities. When joining our team one can be sure to have as many opportunities to study, go into sports, and enjoy active recreation to perfect his or her job.


Every member of the Ural Locomotives staff has opportunities to study and to advance his or her skills. Substantial amounts are being appropriated for that purpose while an employee may choose to study either at the plant or at specialized partner colleges and universities.
Professional skill competitions play an important role in encouraging professional excellence and career advancement. Job skills contests including “The Best Young Professional” and other excellence competitions are held on a regular basis.

Living and Working Conditions

All employees of Ural Locomotives are insured by social and health insurance and enjoy other guarantees and coverage. We pay the most careful attention to making disease prevention actions and health resort treatment available to our employees. Our employees work at fully equipped workplaces meeting all occupational health and safety standards. Two onsite canteens, a cafeteria and a snack counter provide quality and healthy nutrition for our employees. The company’s shuttle bus service transports our employees to and from work.

Ural Locomotives employees are offered housing in a comfortable and cozy company-owned dormitory that has its own library.
When going through difficult situations in life our employees can rely upon the company for targeted financial and social support.


Caring for retirees – who dedicated their lives to the Company – is an important part of the company social liability. Support for senior citizens and the elderly going through a difficult time is integral to activities of the Company Retirees Organization, the Trade Union and the Management Board. The activities include sending presents and holiday greetings, providing financial aid, setting up various activities and providing an opportunity to socialize.

Sports, Tourism, Leisure

Leisure and sport are good for team building and recruitment of the best graduates. Attending various festivals, rafting and hiking are an integral part of the annual leisure activities.
Creating conditions for active participation in sports and exercise is one of the most important aspects of our business. The plant workers are welcome to work out in the well-equipped

Fitness Center.

Throughout the year the Company employees may participate in tennis, darts, petanque, soccer and volleyball tournaments and running relay races. The annual “Mom, Dad and Me – Sports Family” competition brings together the families contesting each other for the title of the company’s closest-knit and the most sporty family.
The company’s birthday celebrations are usually marked with sports events including running relay races, soccer and volleyball tournaments which add a lot of energy, excitement and fun.


Much attention is paid to the rest and recreation of employees’ children during the holiday season: Summer Camp and Health Resort programs are offered to the kids every summer (the parents pay only 10% of the health resort voucher price). The kids – accompanied by their parents – are invited on trips to water parks, theaters, zoo and recreation centers and other entertainment facilities.

On New Year’s Eve all the children get their presents from the company. At the start of the school year the employees’ children who are first-grade students receive invitations for a factory tour and are presented with the first-day-of-school backpacks.

Charitable Activities

Ural Locomotives carry out a broad range of charitable activities providing financial support for projects that contribute to cultural life, education and learning, children’s crafts, and sports.

One of our top priorities is providing support for socially vulnerable groups, such as orphaned children, disabled persons and retired persons.